Pišemo o knjižnici v angleščini

V 8. razredu so učenci pisali pesmi o knjižnici.


There is one place, the place,

that is always in silence, the place,

that always has a new face, the place,

that keeps away the violence.


The place is the library,

you can just call it home for books.

Why? Simply, because there are books in it,

one next to another, waiting to get opened,

and get read again.


But they are getting retired at this point,

you are getting tired of books,

you rather watch some cooks than books,

but wait, what about all the adventures,

you know, you can never forget them.


Don’t put an end to them,

don’t offend them,

they can always teach you some new things,

remember them.


Niko Pozderec, 8. a



The library in our school is kind of small,

But that doesn’t mean that it’s dull,

My aunt works there,

And she’s really fair.


It’s pretty cool there, I guess,

I mean you can play chess,

You can read any book,

Or do your homework, just look.


It’s a little quite space,

Yes, it’s true that is the case,

There you can see all the new things you have learnt,

And there’s no need to be concerned.


Maj Rengeo, 8. c



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